Saturday, April 28, 2007

Interesting website

Have you ever wondered about your body how it would look if depicted on canvas and that too naked. Well, bodyimprints precisely does that.

Quote from the website as follows:

"bodyimprints is a unique form of art ... where you are the subject of your own abstract portrait as interpreted by artist Donna Marie Kent. the technique was developed in 1988 and has now become a sought after experience for individuals and couples to express themselves. it is also an opportunity to honor your body in the classic tradition of a nude portrait but in a truly original way. each painting is crafted to capture the essence and sensuality of the subject that becomes a visually stunning piece of art."

I had a actually fortune to see the program on TV and it seems that artist does a great job. Do visit and see for yourself.


Ai Picture Utility 8.3

Do you have a number of photographs and you suddenly find it unmanageable to stack all of them properly? Are some of your digital pictures poor in quality or over exposed? Do you wish for complete perfection for your digital album?

Then your search ends here. Ai Picture Utility 8.3 is the software which provides solution for all your problems and gives you complete satisfaction. It can edit and manage your photographs to your taste and convenience. It is an image processor and specializes in conversion also. A number of the expensive commercial applications are available with Ai Picture Utility. It has an Imaging Lab in which you can retouch your photographs and make it perfect. It has various functions like remapping, masking, variable equalization, contrast restoration and bitmap operations. You can use its functions fro your pictures one at a time or for a whole bunch of them together.

Ai Picture Utility is also a photograph manager which can manage bundles and bundles of your pictures. You just have to enter the drives or the source's name where they are stored and all your pictures will be stored in the way you prefer them to be stacked, fro e.g. according to size, name,keyword,date and so on.
Ai Picture Utility also helps in multimedia presentations with more than 170 cool effects. Its capability to handle the file formats is vast and includes PSD, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, TGA, DCX, PCX, WMV, ASF, WMA, WAV, MP3, AVI, WMF,
MIDI, MPEG, and some more.
Ai Picture Utility also has widescreen and zooming tools and a fantastically speedy reviewer. So try it out and revolutionize your photo album today.

Download it here


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A website where you can download your favorite youtube or similar video

You can download any videos you like from this website...pretty intersting.

check out

I hope you will enjoy it.