Saturday, July 14, 2007

Puzzle your promotions....

Many of us love to solve riddles and puzzles. Even in our childhood we loved to play with card games, monopoly and exciting jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles never lost their charm and even today when web world has taken over everything, jigsaw puzzles continue to remain a favorite. These are puzzles varying in level, from easy to hard which may start at a six cut and go on to more than two hundred and fifty cut. They are still popular and loved.

Have you ever wondered if we could also have a source to develop our own puzzles and use them either for ourselves or even to promote our product or services?

The answer lies with the Jigsaw puzzle promo creator which is a software that allows us to develop our own puzzles and then use them to advertise your products. It helps make our jigsaw puzzle a promotional tool. It is a freeware, small in size, license free and doesn't demand any specific system requirements. Everything developed by the Jigsaw puzzle promo creator is changeable and thus you can keep on improvising.

It is a very small file and thus can be sent through e-mails, used on your website or exchanged in a disk or CD-ROM.The puzzle that you create can serve as an excellent promotional help, you can include logos, banners, punch lines etc. of your service or website. You can attract your website visitors with various puzzles and increase site visits. It can also be used in presentations as an added attraction. The choices are abundant and varied.

So if you want to build your own jigsaw puzzle, Jigsaw puzzle promo creator is your solution.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I encountered this new product on the net and could not resist to share with you guys. It is a special toilet seat which is known as 'Washlet', it has been designed to clean your rear end with water and subsequently dry it without touching it after you done pooping. I really like this idea.

Wanna watch the demo, check out


Sunday, July 01, 2007

Manage your system better with Quick Utility

Do you wish for quick programming? Do you hope that all the fields are coded in less than a minute? The perfect solution for all your problems regarding this lies in the Quick database. It helps in creating a super fast info manager. It is one of the fastest ways to build a database. You can use it for CDs, DVDs organizers, phone lists and so on.

Now on the same lines arrives Quick Utility 1.0.3.
Quick Utility 1.0.3 is license free, very small sized software which can be downloaded and installed easily. It is very fast, easy to use and at the same time inexpensive also. It is one of the software which keeps in evolving all through the times. This software supports both English and Italian language. It also helps in safeguarding privacy of the user.

It is customized to be user friendly and thus is timed to the likings of the user. It is friendly to all the procedures of Windows restart, Windows turn off, alarms, screensavers of any type, start, log off, switch user and so on.

It also offers the option of skin change. The color of the interface can be changed whenever you want according to your wish.

Quick Utility helps to keep the desktop clean and organized. It helps make links to various files and folders of everyday use. It also provides a small notebook to preserve notes.

Quick Utility protects your privacy by encrypting and decrypting from two files made specifically for this. One remains hidden from anybody else other than you who has access to the system.

Download URL :