Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shutdown Utility 1.03 - very useful small utility

Convenience closure is just a click away with the new 1.03 version of shutdown utility. This user-friendly operating program packs in - logoff, shutdown and reboot facilities aiming at perfect task completion, every time you are in a hurry to shut off.

Customer contentment being the order of the day, Shutdown Utility 1.03 is programmed for maximum benefit and minimum time consumption. In accordance with the satisfaction factor this software comes with the provision of stand-alone execution; putting away the requirement for installation.

Besides the roaring fact that this bundle of convenience comes absolutely free, life too gets simpler for you as an icon or a command line empowered by syntax like shutdownutility.exe /reboot ensures an all-encompassing, flawless yet perfectly timed shutdown process. A small box catering to be the main window sports individual buttons for initiating the three prime jobs that the program is designed to carry out.

Explaining from an elementary perspective, this utility program follows a set pattern immediately as one selects the shutdown option from the Start menu. It intercepts the specific request, optionally running the configured program waiting for them to finish before continuing the procedure.

Taking into consideration reliability and maneuverability, Shutdown Utility 1.03 has already been accepted and acclaimed by its users. Its simple yet effective command-line directive can be called from a batch file; thus, increasing the programs credibility for efficient system administration and scheduling system shutdown. Commendably, this gives an extra edge in maintaining a neat and systematized record of log in and log out.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Google Pack for better Internet life

Google has revolutionized our lives. For almost every query of ours we now go to Google to gather information. Many of us can not even think of an online life without Google.

Besides search, Google also has the Google pack. It can be downloaded by Windows XP and Windows vista. It is hassle free, automatically updates and easy to install. The whole procedure gets over in a few minutes.

Google pack consists of Google Earth, Picasa, Google desktop and Google photo screensavers. It also has additional software; they are Mozilla Fire fox with Google toolbar, Adobe Reader, Norton Security scan and Spy ware Doctor Starter edition.

Google pack also provides optional software like Google Talk, Google Video player, Real player, and Skype and gallery player HD images.

It is a perfect combo to fulfill all your online needs. Google Earth acts as a 3D browser and Picasa is a fantastic photo organizer. Google Video helps play almost every video bought or downloaded. Real player is the perfect music player. Spyware is anti- software Utility and Adobe Reader helps in reading, printing and creating PDF files.

Many of us cannot live without chatting and Google talk is the best for that. Mozilla Fire Fox is an awesome web browser which is now fast diminishing the market share of Internet Explorer. All in all Google pack takes care of almost every purpose of our online need - right from browsing, photo sharing, virus guard, music, video to file creation.

So what are you waiting for? The ultimate solution for all your online needs is just a few clicks away. Install Google pack for a better internet life.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Backup Time 1.6 build 3633

Many of us consider our personal computer to be an indispensable part of our life. Whichever profession we are into, the computer houses almost all our important files and folders. Technology is a great boon and we humans are using it to the extreme but in the end we are still humans and we often forget what is actually stored in our very important files and folders. And to top it all what if in something unforeseen happens to our system? Many of us will dread that moment. But not any more. Backup Time 1.6 build 3633 has arrived.

Backup Time 1.6 has already become very popular though it is one of the most recent launches. Many professionals including businessmen, IT professionals, writers, students etc. are using this software. It is a favorite with many because it assures that all our important files are always available for us.

This handful utility software has a very lively interface and can run on different versions of Microsoft Windows like Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, 2003 server, XP and Vista.

It takes barely an hour to learn the process of working with Backup Time. This software is accustomed to zip compression format and has certain exclusive features like reminder alarms and dynamic folders and a scheduler too. The scheduler helps us to set time for any task and that is done at the scheduled time.

It is free of any malware and is a must for anyone who depends on their system for daily work.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zaval Database Export Utility 1.1.1

The Zaval Database export Utility is specially designed to export data from any database without the launching of any administrative tools or clients which are database specific.

Zaval also has database front end solution software. Both these software are similar in functions. This tool is web based and is usually used by advanced software engineers and technologists.

Zaval export Database is used to access data usually using HTTP or HTTPS protocols. This software has only one function and that is of data export. It is a very user friendly tool. It allows you to even select the route for data export.

Zaval Database Export Utility can be installed in systems supported by Windows 95, 98, NT, Me, 2000, XP or a Web server with JSP 1.2 compliant engine installed (Tomcat, Resin, Web Logic, Web Sphere etc). It has a small sized installation file. The installation file needs to be uploaded on the JSP1.2 friendly server. After the upload is over, the Zaval Database export Utility tool is ready to use.

This software has certain features which can even be customized. Even during installation, everything has been explained well alongside the options and thus there won't be many problems. This software even provides a long list of popular drivers and formats which make it easy to log in into certain databases. It has a very easy to understand interface.

So if you are planning for software advancement and are thinking of data export, you do not have to look further. The answer is right here - Zaval Database Export utility software.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Excel utility 3.2.1

Not many of us can think of a life without Microsoft Excel. We all have lived and grown up with this assistant who helps us perform a number of official assignments or just helps us in functions and formulae for various projects. It is the leader in making professional spreadsheets and charts.

Adding and deleting columns and rows and preparing a chart had never been so easy. But then technological advancements rarely stop, Microsoft Excel has a number of accessorial software that help make work even easier.

When you work with Excel even though you think it is the best, have you ever wished that it would be better if it was faster?

If yes, then Excel Utility 3.2.1 software is where your search stops. It makes Excel functions faster and easier. It is small sized software which is very easy to install. It is user friendly and has its own customized toolbar.

Excel Utility has added functions of providing shortcuts under various sections. After Excel Utility is installed, a new toolbar appears on the tools menu called Likeoffice and it is your guide to an easier, friendlier and faster Excel operations.

Excel Utility is license free and you need a Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, Xp, 2003 server or Vista to install it. So if you want your Excel to excel in its performance even more, then go ahead and install the Excel Utility 3.2.1 and have better and faster spreadsheets and charts made.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Are you fed up of software which take up a large amount of your disc space and yet do not help you many a times? Do you want to cut and crop your photographs? Do you want to scale them and make them look perfectly as you want?

Then Resize is the perfect element for you. It is a fantastic image compression software below the size of even 1MB.You have the added advantages at the cost of very small area in your disc space. It even helps in resizing frames prior to animation slides.

Resize helps in the process by four ways. It helps in resizing a picture to the desired size and shape either by resizing percentage, height, width or compressing the maximum dimension. It also guides in image shrinking and image enlargement. Resize helps in all the following functions of enlarging, miniaturization, shrinking and magnifying the images.

All the modified images are stored in the same name in the same folder, but if needed you can always store them in a new name. Resize also manages your folders well and it also supports drag and drop from Windows Explorer. It also helps storing EXIF data which is the information in jpeg stored by digital photographs. This software is fast and easy to use. It is apt for even those users who are not very experienced. So now you no longer have to bother about the size of your pictures and images, you have an innovative source to help you.

So the next time you wish to resize your image, do make it sure that you have the software Resize with you, the small sized but excellently capable modifier which can resize your images to your taste and desire.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Simple Mail Merge Utility 2.0

Passé are those days of hand-drafted letters, ornate calligraphy and messengers mounted on horseback. In this contemporary time of IT-boom and extensive globalization, technology demands continuous upgradation and innovation to facilitate the fast-tracked generation.

The recent-most 2.0 version of 'Simple Mail Merge' announces yet another provision for simplicity, maneuverability and efficiency. Building upon the basic functions of using fields to create multiple copies of a document, personalizing a form letter or forming labels and business cards, this version makes merging theoretically effortless and remarkably less complicated. The version, downloadable on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server, .NET Framework 1.1 might also contain unspecified updated, enhancement or bug-fixes.

Simple Mail Merge Utility 2.0 flaunts an impeccably easy-to-use interface in software designed with convenience as the key word. It gifts you with provisions for printing addresses on envelops and postcards from contact information stored in CSV (comma separated values) files as well as the 2002 and later editions of Microsoft Outlook. The fantastic function operates with three separate documents – the data source or the database, the source document and lastly the target document.

Your more-important jobs get priority as splitting and merging of files turns easy. A quicker and smarter access to information reduces workflow with the help of the software which is especially useful for periodical email newsletters, enabling the user to keep the contact list clean and up-to-date in an office setting. However, it is equally popular with job-hunters and greeting card senders as well.

Thus attaching a destination to your letter now involves just a few steps.

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