Saturday, October 30, 2010

Alambik Basic Core – Free Editor

Audio visual languages have been developed to a great extent in the recent years. Communication has been given a new dimension. Perceptions have changed over the years and technological advancements have played a leading hand in this.

Alambik Basic Core, a free multimedia editor, is a fantastic software. It is license free and supports system with Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 server and Vista. Alambik Script is actually a newly designed audiovisual language. It is multi faceted software which can handle 3D, 2D, music and audio-visual broadcasts. It can develop games, screensavers, and utilities and so on. Alambik Basic Core – free editor is a power packed performer and has rendered a new dimension to audiovisual language.

How wonderful it would be to manage an audiovisual language? Something which is so often used and is so popular can actually be modified by us. This is exactly where Alambik Basic Core – free editor helps or guides us. It is free from any malware but periodical checks are a must as is in the case of any other good software. Alambik Basic Core – free editor is reliable, vibrant and lively. It follows the principle of using a single language for a variety of outputs. This software allows viewing and interaction by mediums of audiovisual mediums inclusive of 3D, 2D and sound factors.

Alambik Basic Core – free editor offers exclusive features like a perfect combination of using text based programming instructions as well as audiovisual commands. Sources can be viewed with a simple right click.It is an innovative idea backed by creative technology.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

UBCD4WIN : Multiple utilities freeware.

A collection of things that can solve all our problems is not very easy to find.UBCD4WIN is exactly this. It is a software collection which can perform the functions of scanning, diagnosing, repairing and restoring the system.

The collection consists of software, all of which are freeware utilities for Windows. It needs system requirements of Windows XP and vista. Network support helps in modification and creation of NTFS volumes; it also helps in the recovery of deleted files and even assists in scanning of viruses.

It works on Bart's PE or Bart's Pre installed environment. There are many things which can be accomplished by only dos-based boot links of Bart's PE and no others. UBCD4WIN is a bootable live CD that contains a collection of all the software. It is very useful for system maintenance and is a sort of all in one bootable CD.

UBCD4WIN works on Bart's PE which gives a complete Win32 environment with support for network also. It also provides a graphics interface and certain file support systems. It can save a file to a network system and help constructively in scanning viruses.

UBDC4WIN has a number of tools which include anti spy ware tools, anti virus tools, certain application tools, CD burning tools, back up, diagnostic and security tools, recovery and registration tools, system information tools and certain exclusive tools which only UBCD4WIN has. This project has helped a number of people with system problems. The project was initiated a few years back and developments are still going on for an even better compilation.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jazz up your experience with Unreal tournament 2004

Are you one of those gamers who never tires of playing for hours online? Have you wished for music and game keys to be linked? Are you a fan of Unreal tournament and wish the music link worth keys even there?

Your answer has arrived. Unreal tournament Key binding Utility is a software which binds the keys used in the game to the music played. It assures a fantastic effect. It helps in assigning next and previous song to keys and also pauses when wanted. It is a very small sized software that downloads and installs in a matter of seconds. It is license free and its system requirements are Windows 98,Me,2000 or XP and 1 GHZ processor with 32 MB VRAM.

Unreal Tournament is a development by Epic games. They are battle games which call for determination, skills and concentration. They have ten games battle modes which include team battles and individual ones. It is one of the most favorite battle games. The player acts as a gladiator and competes with thirty two other competitors online. It is a fantastically designed game with both indoor and outdoor battles. As in all other games, music plays an important role here too and that is where Unreal tournament 2004 music player key binding helps. It links the keys used in playing to music.

Unreal tournament has real good special weapons and lets the player choose from a number of characters. It is a good battle game with many development tools which is now enhanced with the help of Unreal tournament 2004 music player key binding.

Download URL : 10282719.html?tag=lst-0-2

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gizmo Village : Powerful and simple.

Gizmo Village is one of the best power packages compiled with simplicity. It is a freeware utility and is very popular with all computer power users.

Gizmo Village consists of the Gizmo toolbar, Gizmo drive, Gizmo script, Gizmo database, Gizmo editor, Gizmo hasher and Gizmo synchronization.

The Gizmo village software has certain exclusive features like it can help in synchronization of files and various software. It can analyze complex stored procedures, manage quick launch toolbar and also customize the skin ad colors to your wish. It can also use relational query analyzer.

Gizmo village is designed with two main purposes of serving as virtual CD-ROM drive and encrypted virtual hard drive. This software helps the virtual drives to work in Windows like any other normal drive.

The virtual image is encrypted on the hard drive and after the work is over, the images can be removed from the drive so that they are not subjected to any risk from spy ware and other users and administrators. It also helps to enhance the speed of any CD-ROM game by mounting it on the hard drive. It is a very safe freeware utility which is user friendly and is accustomed to both sparse and compressed files. You do not have to worry about any unwanted risks as it has no spy ware or ad ware in it.It can run on Windows 2000, 2003 server, XP or Vista.

Install your Gizmo village now and experience a better virtual and power packed system operation.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

File Splitter Utility 1

Have you ever wanted to mail large mails in one go and been disappointed by the server message that mail capacity is very less and you can not send a huge mail like this?

File splitter Utility comes to our rescue here. Huge files can make things slow. File splitter either deletes or splits the files to make the process faster. It helps control the buffer size. File Splitter Utility also has an added shredder advantage which makes it impossible for any other program to restore deleted file.

This software splits huge files into a number of small ones and then later restores them back to the original state without loss of any single information or data.

Usually e-mails are not allowed to exceed a specific size; File splitter Utility splits the mail files according to your wish. You can either customize the file splitting or let it do its work by itself. Even if your file has already been compressed into a zip folder, you can allow the File splitter to works as it is accustomed to work with most file types including Zip folders.

File Splitter thus also helps move the files from one system to another in a safe manner. It helps in transferring huge images, documents and graphics files. File splitter is also friendly to Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Outlook and Publisher.

The software is license free and you need a Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, Xp, 2003 server or Vista to install it. It is small in size and user friendly.

So now there is no need to worry, you can send as many huge files as you want through mails or transfer all of them from system to system. Size does not matter now.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Smiley Utility 7.0

Emotions govern our everyday life to a very big extent. We love to express our joys and sorrow. It is beautiful to infect others with our happiness. Nowadays more than face to face talks it is talks via phone or chat via internet that takes place the most. While chat how would you feel if you suddenly realize that there is no smiley to depict your mood?

These smileys are depiction of our mood and nowadays more than hundreds of them have been coded.

Smiley is a very important part of a chat session; they are also termed as emoticons and render a feel food atmosphere to the Yahoo Messenger chats.

Smiley utility 7.0 software is available in the market. It can be stored and run from any folder. It provides the entire eighty seven Yahoo Messenger version 7.0 smiley. It also includes the specific codes of the entire smiley faces. Smiley Utility 7.0 can be safely kept in the system tray and used when needed.

You can download Smiley Utility 7.0 and have fun with smileys but if you have customized your smiley faces then you should download a different version of Smiley Utility 7.0.

Smiley Utility 7.0 has 87 smileys and is perfect for Yahoo Messenger 7.0.

But if you have lower versions of Yahoo messenger like 5.0, 5.5, 5.6 or 6.0 , you do not have to worry as there are Smiley Utility software for that too which offer 60 smileys faces for 5.0, 5.5 and 5.6 and 60 faces for version 6.0. So if you want more smileys just go on and upgrade to Yahoo messenger 7.0 and enjoy all the eighty seven smileys.