Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wonderful Wallpaper Updater

Are you tired of your boring desktop wallpapers? Do you want to change it every now and then?  Try the wallpaper updater! It is the utmost answer to your problem. It is hassle-free. It does not bother you while it changes your desktop wallpapers.

No need to worry if it can eat up your disk storage because it is just a simple application. It will not occupy a large space in your drive.  It is just an application used to manage your wallpaper in your desktop. You will have no problems in installing it because it is so easy.

How does it work? It launches automatically during computer startup. Through the wallpaper updater, you can select a set of images in a folder that you would like to use as wallpapers.  You can also set the order of those images that you would like to appear sequentially in your desktop. All the changes in your settings will be saved automatically and should be configured once. After you installed the wallpaper updater, you can now access it through a context menu with just one right-click away on your desktop! It is so easy, right? Without clicking anything, it changes your wallpaper every day, week or month according to configuration settings that you defined.

There is a new version of wallpaper updater which is the version 1.2 and has new features that you will surely like. With the new features, you will be able to add images to a ‘black list’. Once they are blacklisted they will not appear again. You can delete images that you do not need any more by configuring it in the wallpaper updater settings. Installing shell extension is not required now, it has become optional.

Try this and experience something new in your desktop!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carry all in a pen drive

WinInzio Pen Suite software supports both English and Italian languages. It is an exclusive collection of all the popular software that can run through pen drive. Many software developers all around the globe have developed a shrunk version of the various software so that we can use them through a pen drive. They usually have no installation applications and thus can be stored and used from a USB pen drive.

The WinInzio Pen Suite comes in four versions - Silver, Golden, Platinum and Titanium. The collection of software assembled in the Pen Suite consists of software related to Internet, security of system, multimedia, network and utilities.

The most attractive factor of the Pen Suite is that all the software in this collection here do not need any installation and can be directly used from a quick launch toolbar which appears in Windows. You have the liberty of choosing the required software, copying it onto the hard drive and then use it.

WinInzio till now has eleven fantastic editions, all of them fit in your pen drive. All the software can be used and accessed from any system which has an operating system. A varied number of software will be available in just a few clicks. Now it is easy to carry a number of important applications and software in a pen drive and have it in your pocket.

Download URL :

Monday, November 15, 2010

Error 1704 clean up Utility

In this fast paced technological world, we tend to download and install a number of software. Some for the purpose of work and some for other purposes. But sometimes when we uninstall a program, the Microsoft Windows installer package is not able to properly uninstall the software and it appears as Error 1704 which stops other un-installation or installations also to take place. The message asks you to undo the changes which were made by the installation and then try again. But acting according to the message also does not help sometimes.

Usually the culprit is a registry key which is acting as an obstacle. So what should we do? The answer is provided by Error 1704 clean up Utility. Error 1704 clean up Utility clears all those registry keys which are acting as a block to the process and then uninstalling or installing can be done without any problem. This software does nothing except removes the registry key; it does not install anything neither uninstalls. Error 1704 clean up Utility is free from any mal ware and thus can be safely installed. But it should be cleaned up with others periodically to keep the system clean and safe.

This software is license free and can be installed very easily. It is comparatively of a very small size. The system requirements are normal Windows 98, 2000, 2003 or XP/ Microsoft Excel 97.

So now you do not have to bother about any installations or removal by Microsoft Windows installer package, Error 1704 clean up Utility software is here to take care.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Directory File listing Utility for Microsoft excel

You have a number of contacts and files which you just cannot seem to manage? You want your Excel files to be more neat and arranged? Do you feel the need for a directory which can save all your listings and save you the entire last minute search?

Your search ends here. Directory file listing Utility for Microsoft Excel has already started making waves when it was launched two years back and then upgraded. It is a software of very minimal size which itself brings a smile on your face. It just has to be downloaded and there is no need to bother about set up and installation. It has the capacity to list out a number of files from any device as such. It can used for a directory and even a subdirectory.

It has the ability to list almost 65,000 files at a time. After the listing is done, you can sort them either by file name, size, date or path of listing. You can then carry over the listing to a new Excel worksheet according to your wish.

The system requirements are normal - Windows 98, 2000, 2003 or XP/ Microsoft Excel 97.

Directory file listing Utility version 1.7 is excellent software for business organizations and is very useful in keeping data archives.

So download the free licensed version of the software, with no worries of its installation or set up and have a long listing which will never be in a mess.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Ugly Bass Utilities : Mapping made easy

A mapping software is a very sophisticated software which is used to make geo codes and topographical expertise. Geo code marks routes and streets or areas on a topographical map which are accessed aerially or are usual track maps. Ugly Bass Utilities falls in this class. It is a software which helps an individual in geo coding. He can access topographic maps or any other user maps.

Ugly Bass utility also allows marking of various points which are landmarks and it also gives an option of storing information at each of these landmark points which are marked by symbols. This software also allows full drawing as well as measurements and has an added advantage of a fish weight calculator.

It also helps you retrieve the data to the hard drive so that you can have handy information wherever you go. Information about landmarks, attractions of a place, street maps and weather forecasts are just a few clicks away. In this way, it helps in exchange of vital information anywhere in the world. You can store the aerial maps and images in your database.

Ugly Bass utility is a small sized software which is easy to download and even easier to install. It is license free and it demands system requirements of Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP.

Ugly Bass's user friendliness is phenomenal and is recommended to all those who wish to access topographical data and other street maps. Get ready to draw a map or route to your convenience.

Download URL :