Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carry all in a pen drive

WinInzio Pen Suite software supports both English and Italian languages. It is an exclusive collection of all the popular software that can run through pen drive. Many software developers all around the globe have developed a shrunk version of the various software so that we can use them through a pen drive. They usually have no installation applications and thus can be stored and used from a USB pen drive.

The WinInzio Pen Suite comes in four versions - Silver, Golden, Platinum and Titanium. The collection of software assembled in the Pen Suite consists of software related to Internet, security of system, multimedia, network and utilities.

The most attractive factor of the Pen Suite is that all the software in this collection here do not need any installation and can be directly used from a quick launch toolbar which appears in Windows. You have the liberty of choosing the required software, copying it onto the hard drive and then use it.

WinInzio till now has eleven fantastic editions, all of them fit in your pen drive. All the software can be used and accessed from any system which has an operating system. A varied number of software will be available in just a few clicks. Now it is easy to carry a number of important applications and software in a pen drive and have it in your pocket.

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