Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wonderful Wallpaper Updater

Are you tired of your boring desktop wallpapers? Do you want to change it every now and then?  Try the wallpaper updater! It is the utmost answer to your problem. It is hassle-free. It does not bother you while it changes your desktop wallpapers.

No need to worry if it can eat up your disk storage because it is just a simple application. It will not occupy a large space in your drive.  It is just an application used to manage your wallpaper in your desktop. You will have no problems in installing it because it is so easy.

How does it work? It launches automatically during computer startup. Through the wallpaper updater, you can select a set of images in a folder that you would like to use as wallpapers.  You can also set the order of those images that you would like to appear sequentially in your desktop. All the changes in your settings will be saved automatically and should be configured once. After you installed the wallpaper updater, you can now access it through a context menu with just one right-click away on your desktop! It is so easy, right? Without clicking anything, it changes your wallpaper every day, week or month according to configuration settings that you defined.

There is a new version of wallpaper updater which is the version 1.2 and has new features that you will surely like. With the new features, you will be able to add images to a ‘black list’. Once they are blacklisted they will not appear again. You can delete images that you do not need any more by configuring it in the wallpaper updater settings. Installing shell extension is not required now, it has become optional.

Try this and experience something new in your desktop!

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