Friday, November 05, 2010

Ugly Bass Utilities : Mapping made easy

A mapping software is a very sophisticated software which is used to make geo codes and topographical expertise. Geo code marks routes and streets or areas on a topographical map which are accessed aerially or are usual track maps. Ugly Bass Utilities falls in this class. It is a software which helps an individual in geo coding. He can access topographic maps or any other user maps.

Ugly Bass utility also allows marking of various points which are landmarks and it also gives an option of storing information at each of these landmark points which are marked by symbols. This software also allows full drawing as well as measurements and has an added advantage of a fish weight calculator.

It also helps you retrieve the data to the hard drive so that you can have handy information wherever you go. Information about landmarks, attractions of a place, street maps and weather forecasts are just a few clicks away. In this way, it helps in exchange of vital information anywhere in the world. You can store the aerial maps and images in your database.

Ugly Bass utility is a small sized software which is easy to download and even easier to install. It is license free and it demands system requirements of Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT or XP.

Ugly Bass's user friendliness is phenomenal and is recommended to all those who wish to access topographical data and other street maps. Get ready to draw a map or route to your convenience.

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