Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Directory File listing Utility for Microsoft excel

You have a number of contacts and files which you just cannot seem to manage? You want your Excel files to be more neat and arranged? Do you feel the need for a directory which can save all your listings and save you the entire last minute search?

Your search ends here. Directory file listing Utility for Microsoft Excel has already started making waves when it was launched two years back and then upgraded. It is a software of very minimal size which itself brings a smile on your face. It just has to be downloaded and there is no need to bother about set up and installation. It has the capacity to list out a number of files from any device as such. It can used for a directory and even a subdirectory.

It has the ability to list almost 65,000 files at a time. After the listing is done, you can sort them either by file name, size, date or path of listing. You can then carry over the listing to a new Excel worksheet according to your wish.

The system requirements are normal - Windows 98, 2000, 2003 or XP/ Microsoft Excel 97.

Directory file listing Utility version 1.7 is excellent software for business organizations and is very useful in keeping data archives.

So download the free licensed version of the software, with no worries of its installation or set up and have a long listing which will never be in a mess.

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